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Chuck Quick Hits: Week 2

September 21, 2021 - by David Arnett


Week 2 is behind us. Here are the Chuck Quick Hits!

WFT 30 – NYG 29

Heinicke and Jones both exceed expectations, but Giants leave oodles of points on the board and ultimately lose on an offsides that was somehow both awful and not actually offsides. 

NE 25 – NYJ 6

Jets feel threatened by Giants’ fifth consecutive 0-2 start, but comfortably retain crown as Jetsiest team in town. 

DEN 23 – JAX 13

Teddy Bridgewater plays catch with Courtland Sutton for three hours. John Elway sends cupcakes to NFL scheduling department in exchange for Broncos getting to open the season @NYG, @JAX, NYJ.

BUF 35 – MIA 0

More like Tuow Tagovailoa. The 2021 Bills Defense has only allowed 16 points so far. The 2020 Bills Offense scored 29.9 PPG. This team could be scary good.  

SF 17 – PHI 11

Eagles bring back the Philly Special with considerably less fruitful results. Twelve plays and 97 yards later the Niners take the lead and never gave it back.

LA 27 – IND 24

Cooper Kupp is everywhere. Colts mercifully halfway done with NFC West gauntlet, but now have to play three straight on the road. 

LV 26 – PIT 17

You’re not gonna see many better throws than this one. Vegas now 2-0 against the spread and in real life. 

CHI 20 – CIN 17

Justin Fields pitches a few innings of mediocre relief, immediately passes like half these guys

CAR 26 – NO 7

The Panthers beat the Saints by 19, the Saints beat the Packers by 35, and yet the Packers are 4x more likely than the Panthers to win the Super Bowl according to this. Do with this information what you will. 

ARI 34 – MIN 33

We can’t improve on Vikings Radio for this one. #NailedIt

TB 48 – ATL 25

Falcons hang with Bucs for three quarters until Mike Edwards delivers a pair of knockout punches, the latter of which led to our lamest taunting flag of this young season. 

TEN 33 – SEA 30

Derrick Henry (41 touches/237 yds/3 TDs) pays tribute to the original Beast Mode in his own backyard, although Marshawn Lynch was never quite this fast

DAL 20 – LAC 17

Through 59 minutes these teams put up over 800 yards, punted just once, and somehow only had a 17-17 tie to show for it. The chaotic, horrendously coached last 30 seconds are creatively and accurately captured here.  

BAL 36 – KC 35

KC’s unstoppable offense meets…well mostly itself. But full credit to Harbaugh and the Ravens for sealing the game on 4th down on their own side of the field. 

GB 35 – DET 17

Pack trail 17-14 at the half, then decide to finally start their season 6 quarters in with this 50-yard laser

On to week 3!


Lamar Jackson photo credit: si.com.

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