How Chuck Works

Chuck Scores and Standings

June 24, 2021 - by David Arnett


Everyone on Chuck has a Chuck Score determined by two things: 

  1. Participation and success in Daily Trivia (“Knowing Stuff”)
  2. Wins and losses by teams you follow (“Having Awesome Teams”)

Here’s how you earn points

Knowing Stuff

  • Participation Trophy: 1 point for each submitted answer
  • Safety: 2 points for each correct answer (Monday-Thursday)
  • Moneyball: 3 points for each correct answer (Friday)

So the maximum “Knowing Stuff” score for a week is 16 (i.e. 5 Participation Trophies + 4 Safeties + 1 Moneyball)

Having Awesome Teams

Great news: you get points when your teams win! Here’s how:

  • MLB Team Win/Loss: +1/-1
  • NBA/NHL/NCAAM Team Win/Loss: +2/-2
  • EPL/MLS Team Win/Loss/Tie: +3/-3/0
  • NFL/NCAAF Team Win/Loss/Tie: +4/-4/+5*

*NFL ties are rare and funny and you should be rewarded accordingly.

We’ll tally all of your teams’ results for general bragging rights purposes, but your weekly “Having Awesome Teams” score is capped at +6 on the high end and 0 on the low end. 

Chuck Standings for you and all of your Chuck friends are always available for the most recently completed week and full year to date on the Chuck Standings page. To get to the Chuck Standings page just tap the standings icon near the bottom left of your Feed.

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