How Chuck Works

Daily Sports Trivia

June 17, 2021 - by David Arnett


A single daily sports trivia question will be posted to all Chuck users’ Feed at 12:00 p.m. EST every weekday. The questions will get harder throughout the week, culminating in Friday’s “moneyball” question, which is worth an extra point.

Users have until 10:00 p.m. EST to submit an answer. You’ll see the correct answer immediately upon submission. Please be careful about discussing a current question with other Chuck users before confirming their submission. 

Wherever reasonably possible, we’ll also provide an immediate indication of whether your answer was right or wrong, and worst case you’ll get a judges’ ruling in your Feed within 24 hours. Our judges’ ruling on each answer is final, but if you’re dissatisfied with a ruling or the question itself, feel free to send the details to us at feedback@heychuck.com and we’ll take your comments under consideration for future questions.

Since the Chuck standings are purely for bragging rights purposes among your group of friends we should all feel comfortable operating within the confines of the honor system; We strongly encourage you to answer each question to the best of your own ability without doing any research or consulting others. Technically we can’t stop you from doing either of those things, just know that if you do your bragging rights will end up being pretty hollow. Like George’s. Don’t be like George.

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