Final 5 Contest Standings

March 26, 2023 - by David Arnett


3/26 Postgame Update: We have a winner! With both 5 seeds winning today, aman23mj overtook daa1117 (the only person who got 9 points for taking FAU) with 10 total points. Tough tournament for brackets all around- only 17% of our entrants got a single Final Four team right, and only two entrants got two of them right.

Full Final Standings posted here

3/26 Pregame Scenarios:

San Diego St./Miami (FL)– aman23mj wins with 10 points

San Diego St./Texas– daa1117 wins with 11 points

Creighton/Miami (FL)- JayP wins with 11 points

Creighton/Texas– daa1117 wins with 11 points


Distinct Teams Selected: 33

Distinct Teams Selected and Still Alive as of Noon Today: All 6

Lowest Seed Selected: Montana St. (14)

Lowest Seed Selected and Still Alive as of Noon Today: Florida Atlantic (9)

Highest Seed Not Selected: Iowa St. (6)- No one took Iowa or Drake either, tough contest for The Hawkeye State. At least a few of you picked nearby Creighton (so close!)

Most Popular Selection: Alabama (54%)

Most Common Final 4: Alabama (1), Marquette (2), Houston (1), UCLA (2)




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