Community Guidelines

Chuck is a community.

Let’s all be good to each other.

Community Guidelines

Chuck is committed to providing a fun and safe space for friends to be sports fans together, just as they do in the real world. You won’t find us policing your choice of words – in fact we encourage salty banter and jeering between friends.  But of course there’s a sweet spot between freedom of expression and ensuring a safe and inclusive experience for all. That’s why we ask the entire Chuck community to abide by the following Guidelines:

  1. First and foremost, be respectful of all other Chuck users and their choices. Repeated attempts at unwanted interactions such as friending or messaging are prohibited.
  2. Abusive, threatening, or offensive language is prohibited. Avoid directing negative comments toward Chuck users. After all, we can’t help what teams we love and fans are never responsible for losses.
  3. Protect users’ privacy including your own. Sharing private user information without express consent is prohibited.
  4. Hate speech and violent extremism are prohibited, as is derogatory language about race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, or disabilities.
  5. Posting and/or promotion of illegal content or activity is prohibited.
  6. Pornographic, lewd, and distasteful content is prohibited. After all, doesn’t that stuff take up half the internet already? Let’s carve out some space for sports only!
  7. Spamming, attempts at fraud, and advertising are prohibited. Do not purposely deceive other users. Share genuine, on-topic material only and never falsely represent another person or group.
  8. Don’t do anything that disrupts or interferes with the functioning of Chuck or the intended user experience.

Remedies / Enforcement

Chuck is quick to take action when user behavior strays from our guidelines.  We take multiple factors into consideration to address each case accurately and use a variety of tools to keep Chuck inclusive, safe, and fun.  In some instances we may issue communications ranging from a polite reminder to strict warnings.  In others, we may remove content, restrict or suspend user accounts or groups of users.  We reserve the right to use these tools and others at our discretion.  The goal will always be to make Chuck the best it can be.  We encourage users to contact feedback@chuck-sports.com with any questions or concerns. If you do report inappropriate behavior, we ask that you do so in good faith for good reason.

Media inquiries

For very important matters.