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What is Chuck?

Chuck is the manifestation of all that’s great about sports. It’s being in the know. It’s banter blended with updates. It’s like spending a Saturday afternoon at your favorite sports bar with your college buddies. Only in App form.

Um, that sounds amazing. Can you tell me more?

With Chuck you can follow your teams, check scores and stats, and have fun being a fan with your friends. We could say more, but if you’ve made it this far you should probably just download Chuck- it’s free!

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Is there any trivia? I love trivia!

Yup! Check out Chuckle for your daily sports trivia fix.

Wait, can't I just Google the Chuckle answers?

Well, yeah, you could look up the answers, but Chuckle is purely for bragging rights between friends - the perfect setting for the good old honor system. We believe bragging rights are sacred in the world of sports, and we think you believe that too. That’s why we strongly encourage you to answer each question to the best of your own ability. And if you do look up answers, just know that your bragging rights will end up being pretty hollow. Like George’s. Don’t be like George.

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