App design & development

AndPlus has been with us since our earliest days. From our first strategic discussions, product design sessions, through launch and beyond, AndPlus has complemented our founding team exceptionally well, adding insight and value along the way. They have been true teammates in every sense of the word.


Real-time sports data

We’re thrilled to be able to partner with Sportradar for all of the real-time sports data we bring you on Chuck. SportRadar is the trusted data partner for the NBA, MLB, and NHL, among many other leagues and federations.


Content aggregation

We're proud to partner with SportSpyder, the industry leader in team-specific content aggregation. For the broadest range of articles, up-to-the-minute tweets and more, go check them out (and then share with your friends on Chuck!)

Think it First

Branding, website design, & marketing

We considered building this website ourselves. We’re thankful every day that we decided not to do that, and far moreso that we found TIF, the perfect partner to crystallize our branding, harness our messaging, and help us spread the word far and wide.

Media inquiries

For very important matters.