Chuckle is a daily sports trivia game unlike any other. Here’s how it works:

  • Each game has one answer and six clues. 
  • All answers will come from the “Big Four” U.S. sports leagues (NFL/NBA/MLB/NHL.) Every answer will be either an athlete or a franchise.
  • Answers will typically be household names (past or present.) 
  • Clues will get easier as you move along.
  • Exact spelling is not required. As long as you’re close, we should be able to figure out the rest. Really. And if we don’t, please tell us to help us make Chuckle better!
  • (Optional) Compete against your friends for bragging rights. It’s super fun. Trust us. 

About Chuckle:

Chuckle is the first web-based game from the makers of the (equally free!) Chuck Sports App, which you can (and should!) grab here.

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