Chuckle is a daily sports trivia game unlike any other. Here’s how it works:

  • Each game has one answer and six clues. 
  • Answers will primarily come from the “Big Four” U.S. sports leagues (NFL/NBA/MLB/NHL.)
  • Every answer will be either an athlete or a franchise.
  • Answers will typically be household names (past or present.) 
  • Clues will get easier as you move along.
  • All references to a specific year (e.g. “I won my only championship in 1996”) refer to the calendar year in which most of the given league-season occurred (i.e. so for NBA & NHL “2019” = 2018-19; for NFL “2019” = the 2019 season, even though that season’s playoffs occurred in 2020.)
  • New games daily at Midnight EDT

About Chuckle and Chuck:

Chuckle is the first web-based game from the makers of the (equally free!) Chuck Sports App, which you can (and should!) grab here. Enjoy the world’s best curated sports news feed, compete against your friends for bragging rights, and banter away. Enjoy!

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