NBA Starting 5- Content Creators

February 26, 2024 - by David Arnett


Congratulations!! If you’re reading this, it means you’re among a select group of content creators we’ve identified to help spread the word about our new game, The Starting 5

It also means you’re eligible to earn a super easy $25 and up to $150 more in the process. Here’s how that’ll work:

  1. Play a Starting 5 game against another person, Tweet a screenshot of your result, and tag us (@chucksportsapp) when you do. As soon as we see the Tweet we will DM to coordinate your initial $25 payment and give you a custom invite code you can use to earn more.
  2. Get 10 people to register for Chuck using your custom invite code and we’ll send you another $50.
  3. Finally, if your favorite NBA team wins our inaugural NBA Starting 5 Contest AND you’ve completed both of the above steps, you’ll earn another $100.

Additional Terms

Tweets need to be from a handle with at least 1,000 followers. Payments will be made on an as-earned basis up to a cap of $2,500. Additional payments beyond the $2,500 cap and/or below the 1,000 follower threshold will be considered at Chuck Inc.’s sole discretion.


Media inquiries

For very important matters.