Why we ask for personal information

September 13, 2021 - by David Arnett


We know that people are increasingly wary about sharing any personal information in this day and age, and unfortunately we also know that these concerns are well-founded.

But we’re not those guys.

Our mission is to make Chuck the platform for:

  1. Following the sports events and news you care about
  2. Connecting with your friends around your favorite teams (even when you’re rooting for opposing teams)
  3. Your sports-related musings, banter, bragging rights, and more

We take your privacy with the utmost seriousness, and as Chuck’s Co-Founders we are pledging to you today that your personal information will never be used for any purpose beyond that mission.

We also wanted to explain why we ask for any personal information at all.

The only profile details we need are Country, Date of Birth, and Email Address, and we only need these for compliance with User-Generated Content regulations.

The remaining profile details—Phone Number, First Name, and Last Name—are here solely to enhance your Chuck experience by helping people who already know you find you on Chuck. Specifically there are only three ways others can do that:

  1. By connecting with contacts who are already in their phone (if they allow Chuck to access their contacts, which is recommended but not required)
  2. By second-degree connection (i.e., through a mutual Chuck friend.)
  3. By searching for people they know by full name.

We hope this pledge and explanation provide some comfort. If you still have concerns about sharing your First Name, Last Name, and/or Phone Number with us, feel free to contact us directly at policy.inquiries@heychuck.com and/or enter as much information as you’re comfortable with into these three fields.

And now that the serious stuff is out of the way, onto sports. Game on!

– Dave & Dave

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